Weekly Digest 8/30/18

Matthew Ball of REDEF does deep dive of Netflix and its strategy – The link is to part 3 of the series, which is my favorite, but all 4 parts are fantastic. Part 4, which covers the term “Original Series” was a close second for me; it describes how Netflix has a very loose definition of “Original Series” and how they use the term in their marketing and public statements, which can ultimately be worth billions to its market cap. Anyways, Part 3 covers Netflix’s long-term strategy: replace TV entirely. The end-state, if it succeeds, will be 250-400 million subscribers who each pay much more than they’re paying now (at least twice the current price). Netflix already has enormous pricing power, but it’s under-pricing its product in order to grow its subscription base. Interesting times in the media industry! (3,000 words)

Jobs in our automated future – Jacobian of LessWrong writes about how jobs won’t disappear even if automated in the future using his recent airlines experience as an anecdote. The experience of dealing with incompetent airlines’ customer service employees is so commonplace, yet so frustrating when you’re going through it. Jacobian points out that many jobs in the airlines industry have already been automated away, yet those people still have their jobs. Why? So that we can vent our frustrations out on a human. (2,300 words)


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