Weekly Digest 8/16/18

Peter Thiel interview – Must read interview of Peter Thiel. It’s always really interesting to read his unorthodox views. He talks about herd mentality, how his support of Donald Trump was his least contrarian decision and much more. (5,500 words)

LRB’s review of Ben Rhodes”s memoir – The review focuses on the difference between how Obama and Rhodes view things. Rhodes, aghast at his support of the Iraq War, was seeking redemption in Obama. At times, he struggled with Obama responding to situations differently than he would have preferred. Obama was very laid-back and hesitant to rush into things (many Democrats today still want Obama to do more than he is willing), whereas Rhodes felt that Obama should’ve acted more decisively. The contrast between their outlooks of the world was fascinating to read. (7,000 words)

Richard C. Bush’s analysis of U.S.-China relations – Bush compares and contrasts Trump and Xi Jinping, provides a brief history of China’s relations with the West, and provides a few scenarios for how the future between the two countries will unfold. (7,400 words)

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