Weekly Digest 7/5/18

Exposé on how the Stanford Prison Experiment was a sham (7,300 words) – Ben Blum details the facts contrary to Zimbardo’s narrative: prison guards were encouraged to act “tough” instead of organically developing those tendencies; prisoners were not permitted to quit the experiment, meaning they were actual prisoners; the famous video of a prisoner breaking down was just an act; and on top of all that, before the experiment even began, Zimbardo had a result in mind for the “experiment” that he wanted to use for his own political agenda.

Gene Fama, a founding father of the efficient market hypothesis and Richard Thaler, a founding father of behavioral economics, in conversation. What more do you need? (2200 words)

Ben Evans dispels misconceptions about artificial intelligence and talks about the right and wrong ways to think about what machine learning can deliver. (2300 words)



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