Weekly Digest 6/14/18

Russ Roberts interviews Eric Topol – Great discussion about medical paternity. Many doctors withhold notes and decisions from patients under the pretext that the doctor knows best. We should instead be having healthy discussions between doctor and patient since sometimes that patient knows his/her body better than the doctor does. We expect financial advisers, lawyers, and our government to be transparent and don’t allow them to act autonomously under the guise of them “knowing best,” so why should we allow our doctors to do so? The Theranos discussion hasn’t aged well, but the rest of the interview is fantastic.

Mark Schreiber on how the name “Mao suit” came to be – The suit Kim Jong Un wears is called the “Mao suit” by English news services but is called the “Sun Yat-sen suit” (Zhongshan-zhuang) by the Chinese living in Asia. Interestingly, the name Zhongshan was a name adopted by Sun Yat-sen when he was in Japan out of fear of being abducted by agents of the Chinese imperial government. Therefore, the streets in China named Zhongshan road and the “Sun Yat-sen suit” originated from a Japanese alias, which is ironic because of the animosity historically between China and Japan.

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